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Species: The binomial scientific name (e.g., Pinus palustris)
Subspecies: The binomial plus subspecific name (e.g., Marshallia graminifolia ssp. graminifolia)
Variety: The binomial plus varietal name (e.g., Ilex decidua var. decidua)
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Endangered = Searches for any specimens with global, national, or state-level endangered classifications.

Not Endangered = Searches for specimens with no global, national, or state-level endangered clasifications.

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Please fill in search fields and then click the "Search" button. Searches are "and" searches, all criteria selected must be matched. All fields left blank are wildcards. In the results list click on the barcode link to view specimen details and images.

Some plant species are rare and endangered. Unless you are logged in, you will not see locality data for these species in the "Specimen Detail" pages or the images. To receive a user name and password, email your request to the director of the herbarium with an explanation of why you need locality information for those species.